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This starter kit is super simple: it allows you to use your Raspberry Pi to monitor what your cat does at home, and email you when your cat does something it’s not supposed to do. My #1 use case is detecting if my cats are jumping on my dinning table or kitchen counter. You could also opt to turn this into an AI narrator, where the voice narrates on everything it sees.

Of course this doesn’t just work for cats 😄. You are welcomed to simply change the prompts and do other kinds of detections:

Bird watching

Email a summary of what birds came by during the day, for the birdies

Recoon deterrent

Play loud sound when AI sees Racoons going through your trash cans. You need an external speaker attached to your RPi if you want to do this.

Plant monitor

Email you when your plants are dying from not being watered

Package alert

Email when there’s a new package delivered at the door, even better, AI can tell you if it’s a big one

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For multi-modal models


For notifications


For narration (optional)


For orchestration and function calling


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